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Why Taking Care of Your Skin is Important

Why Taking Care of Your Skin is Important We worry a lot about what we eat and drink, but what about what we put on our skin? Why do we pay so much attention to what we ingest and leave our largest organ so neglected? I am certain you’ve heard the term “live green”, we use it when we recycle, when we buy organic food at the market, even when we sign up for a new yoga class but the term needs to be used more when it comes to taking care of our exterior as much as we take care of what’s within it. Our skin covers approximately 18 square feet of the body and is highly responsible for...

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15 Uses for Lavender

Lavender is probably one of the most popular and recognized essential oils and for good reason! It smells amazing and is relatively affordable.  his sweet smelling essential oil is so much more than pleasing to the nose, it is a powerhouse and offers a multitude of benefits. The healing properties of Lavender make it an absolute staple to keep in your medicine cabinet:

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20 Uses for Clary Sage

Used to improve visions and treat conditions such as tired or strained eyes. Soak a clean cloth in a mixture of warm water and a few drops of clary sage oil. Afterward, press over both eyes for 10 minutes. Added to soaps, perfumes, creams etc and is one of the main ingredients of Eau de Cologne. Anti anxiety relief. Add a drop of Clary Sage essential oil to a diffuser to help calm nerves. Can be used to ease menopause and menstrual issues as well as promote relaxation during childbirth. Regulates oil production and reduces inflammation. Products that include Clary Sage are best used for acne prone skin. In reduced amounts can be applied directly to the scalp to promote...

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