So You Got a Rash, Now What?



If you have sensitive skin then you definitely have been prone to avoid products you might otherwise enjoy to avoid any irritations or skin complications. Even something as simple as a specific scent can cause your skin to rebel with hives, rashes, and eczema. With such pronounced sensitivity it is difficult to switch to more natural products as they contain higher concentrations of ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin.

The skin under your armpits can be especially irritable as it is not only one of the thinnest skin areas of your body but also is subjected to daily deodorant use, something you normally avoid on other areas of your body. If you are prone to eczema, armpit irritation can be a regular struggle that is often treated prescribed creams only to have the rash return once deodorant and sweat combine forces.

Prior to modern medical care, tea tree leaves were used as natural treatment sources for skin ailments and to promote a faster healing of the skin. Today, tea tree oil is known to work as an antiseptic to fight germs, an anti-bacterial agent to help treat rashes and other skin infections, and has been proven to work effectively at reducing acne.

A good practice to help ease rashes and skin irritations is to use a tea tree oil based product to lightly cover the area. Our tea tree deodorant is a great alternative to your regular armpit care as it is a consistently gentle formula that is free of baking soda which can be a high irritant to sensitive skin. It can be used to relieve mild rashes under your armpits and other sensitive areas of your body.

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