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So You Got a Rash, Now What?

SO YOU GOT A RASH, NOW WHAT? If you have sensitive skin then you definitely have been prone to avoid products you might otherwise enjoy to avoid any irritations or skin complications. Even something as simple as a specific scent can cause your skin to rebel with hives, rashes, and eczema. With such pronounced sensitivity, it is difficult to switch to more natural products as they contain higher concentrations of ingredients that may irritate sensitive skin.

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The Benefits of Natural Deodorant

Aluminum-Free Natural deodorants don't contain any aluminum at all, known in commercial deodorant to keep you dry. The alternative? Natural deodorants ward off unpleasant odor with plant-based ingredients and essential oils. The Difference Between Antiperspirant and Deodorant People seem to use these two terms interchangeably, however deodorant and antiperspirant actually work in very different ways. Antiperspirant The way an antiperspirant works is by preventing perspiration from occurring. Antiperspirant guards against moisture, however for your body this process is far from natural. The compounds that are in antiperspirant form a temporary duct plug, causing a build up of toxins that have been known to cause severe underarm cysts and disrupts your bodies natural body cooling process. Most cysts that are caused...

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