About Us

It can be disturbing to read the ingredients on a stick of deodorant. It is hard to even recognize what the ingredients are much less know what their purpose is. Perhaps you've been thinking about switching to natural deodorant but are concerned that it won't work for you. These were the same concerns that owner, Kelsey Hunt had around her own personal hygiene rituals.

After reading many articles that question the effects of aluminum in conventional deodorant and the potential link of parabens to breast cancer and aluminum to Alzheimer's Disease, Kelsey found herself motivated to make a change. Initially, she tried commercially produced natural deodorants and was disappointed by the results.

The next step was to make something of her own. Working with natural ingredients and much trial and error, Kelsey created a hand-churned deodorant that is as effective as it is luxurious. She found the combination of natural ingredients and aromatherapy were incredibly powerful in combating odor and also helped to rebalance her body. Excited about the results she was getting, Kelsey started giving her deodorant to family and friends to help raise awareness about the chemicals we put on our bodies.


The response was overwhelming, clueing her to the fact that something was missing from the deodorant market. Clean Pits Company was born with the mission to make natural, effective and clean deodorants that you can rely on in any situation.

With this company, Kelsey hopes to promote wellness not just for our underarms but to raise awareness about the importance of products we use on our skin. Clean Pits Company will always strive to offer effective everyday hygiene products and will always keep our pits clean!

Kelsey and husband, Aaron, left New York City after 16 years in search of a cleaner more balanced life for their family.  They moved back to Kelsey's hometown in Colorado with their two boys, Emerson and Will.  They have easily adapted to mountain living and enjoy the fresh air, hiking and skiing.  Everyday, Kelsey and her family do their best to live a clean, healthy life.  

Are you ready to clean your pits?  Your time is now! 




About Us