About Us

Did you know that countless studies have shown aluminum in deodorant causes breast cancer, increases the chances of developing Alzheimer's Disease and poses a variety of other health risks? As a matter of fact, the aluminum in deodorant health risks might shock you. Don't even get us started on all of the other toxic ingredients found in the formula of your average deodorant!

This is why Clean Pits founder, Kelsey Hunt, was determined to create her own natural deodorant. Using nothing but the purest ingredients and thorough testing, Kelsey handcrafted an aluminum-free deodorant that works.

This is also why the owner, Tracey Esposito, got Involved in clean pits about four years ago. Her neighbor, Kelsey, introduced her to the wonderful world of natural deodorant.  It was at the time that she was on the road to discover a better, healthier way of living. Once she tried it, she couldn’t image how she lived without it all these years. When Kelsey said she wanted to sell the business, it just seemed like the right thing to do.