20 Uses for Clary Sage

April 19, 2016 kelsey Hunt

  1. Used to improve visions and treat conditions such as tired or strained eyes. Soak a clean cloth in a mixture of warm water and a few drops of clary sage oil. Afterward, press over both eyes for 10 minutes.
  2. Added to soaps, perfumes, creams etc and is one of the main ingredients of Eau de Cologne.
  3. Anti anxiety relief. Add a drop of Clary Sage essential oil to a diffuser to help calm nerves.
  4. Can be used to ease menopause and menstrual issues as well as promote relaxation during childbirth.
  5. Regulates oil production and reduces inflammation. Products that include Clary Sage are best used for acne prone skin.
  6. In reduced amounts can be applied directly to the scalp to promote hair growth.
  7. A highly potent aphrodisiac.
  8. Can be used as a painkiller. Clary Sage essential oil can help relieve headaches, back pain, and muscle stiffness.
  9. Regulates blood pressure by relaxing the arteries.
  10. A key ingredient in liqueurs and food products. Clary sage oil is added to muscatel wine and wine essences. It is also used a natural addictivein food products like frozen dairy desserts, baked goods, condiments, and non-alcoholic beverages.
  11. Used as an antiseptic. Can be applied directly to wounds to prevent infection and promote faster healing.
  12. Can help fight bacteria found in the digestive system and urinary tract.
  13. Clary Sage oil baths help ease chronic fatigue pains.
  14. Relaxes the bronchial tubes of asthma sufferers
  15. Helps treat respiratory ailments like colds, bronchitis, and sore throat
  16. Improves memory and stimulates mental activity
  17. Can be applied topically as a moisturizer.
  18. Clary Sage is a helpful antidepressant and can be systematically administered to patients suffering from acute depression who are undergoing rehabilitation.
  19. Used as an astringent to strengthen gums and improve gum health.


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