3 Bonus Benefits of Natural Deodorant


The increased use of natural deodorant has been exciting to watch.  More and more people are understanding the importance of eliminating toxins from the body products.  Aluminum-free deodorant is an easy switch for some and a daunting transition for others.

Motivations to switch to healthy deodorant are easy to get behind -  parabens and aluminum found in the conventional deodorants and antiperspirants have questionable, unresolved side effects.  Consumers are increasingly unwilling to take risks with their own bodies.

Did you know there are additional benefits to healthy deodorant that go beyond clean ingredients?  Let’s explore the BONUS EFFECTS of natural deodorant. If you are on the fence about making the natural leap, perhaps these will be your tipping point.

BONUS #1 - Eliminate Razor Burn:  For the woman out there that shave, shaving your pits while using antiperspirants can sometimes be a painful experience. Antiperspirants clog pores, that is how they inhibit sweating. Clogging can also cause ingrown hairs which leads to the red, irritating bumps that make shaving dreadful!  These same ingredients also have a tendency to dry out your pits, leaving your skin even more susceptible to razor burn.

The moisturizing properties of natural deodorant soothe the skin and make shaving a more enjoyable experience. Plus the antibacterial properties in coconut oil and baking soda help to eliminate clogged pores and ingrown hairs.  With Clean Pits, shave away ladies - every day if you are so inclined!

Bonus #2 - No More Yellow Pits Stains:  We all have had that favorite white t-shirt that is worn in just right, but the yellow pit stains are just too embarrassing to keep wearing it.  Don’t blame your sweat for ruining your shirt, the blame lies squarely on your antiperspirant. Sweat + antiperspirant cause a chemical reaction and that reaction causes fabric to yellow.

Pit stains on clothes do not have to be inevitable. With healthy deodorant, there are no chemicals for your sweat to react with, so kiss those pit stains goodbye. You will also get more wears out of your dry cleaning garments too.  Yippeee!!

Bonus #3 - Sweat Less:  Antiperspirants keep you dry by clogging your pores so no sweat can escape your body.  The problem is your body needs to sweat to cool your body. If sweat can’t escape, then your sweat can’t do its job.  Your body’s response is then to kick sweating into high gear to get the job done. You will continue to sweat more and from other places to cool your body temperature.  Do you think of yourself as an excessive sweater? Maybe it is actually your antiperspirant that is causing all the sweat.

Once you have eliminated aluminum and stopped blocking your pores, your bodies ability to sweat will be unhindered and it can return to doing its job with less resistance.  Because the antiperspirant obstacle is eliminated, your body will not have to work so hard to cool which will mean less sweat overall. (note - this process may be gradual for some, your body’s initial reaction may be to sweat more at first before it regaining equilibrium)

Natural deodorants are definitely the way to go to eliminate potentially harmful products.  Staying fresh and dry plus the above bonus benefits will keep your body and your clothes in tip-top form.

Let us know your experiences with natural deodorants and Clean Pits.  We love to hear your stories.


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