Why I use Natural Deodorant

August 24, 2015 kelsey Hunt

Why did I make the switch to natural deodorant? I smelled fine with my same old deodorant; it was effective, it was cheaper and it was more convenient. I started to become increasingly curious about ingredients in everyday products, so one day I took the time to look at the ingredients in my deodorant stick. I had been avoiding this; I didn’t want to be faced with making a change in the body odor arena. Well, the hype was true, this concoction I had been absorbing through my skin everyday since I was a teenager contained aluminum (among other chemicals). I had been absorbing this metal through my skin everyday and never thought twice about it.

For some time, I have been concerned about what is in our food, what is in our plastic, what is in our air, etc. - but I didn’t want to face what I was putting onto my pits everyday, year after year. Now, there is much debate about exactly what the effects of aluminum in your deodorant are. I’m no scientist and don’t claim to be but my personal theory is why not make healthy choices wherever and whenever possible. So by my own theory, I needed to make the switch and give natural deodorant a go.

I tried the natural deodorants in the health food stores, no good for me. Couldn’t make it through a day without being embarrassed by myself. My only other choice was to experiment with different recipes. I was stunned by how well coconut oil based recipes worked and was driven to perfect a recipe that I was confident in. I feel I have found it, a natural, effective and gentle formula that I am ecstatic to finally share.

That is why I started to wear natural deodorant. Now let me tell you why I will never go back to conventional deodorant:

  • I smell great and for longer.
  • No chemicals
  • No artificial perfume scents
  • After an initial adjustment period, I have noticed that I actually sweat less (I’ll address this in future blog posts).
  • My pits are super smooth. I haven’t had razor burn once since I made the switch.
  • No more yellow pits stains. My white t-shirts stay white, even under the pits.

You may have your own reasons to use or not to use natural deodorant. My goal is to just to get you thinking about what you put on your body.




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