Natural Deodorant... Does it work?

You know you should use natural deodorant but you are worried- does natural deodorant actually work? You’ve heard about the concerns of commercial deodorants being linked to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. But you’re a sweater and that natural stuff won’t work for you. And you maybe right, it may not work for you… at first. I’ll explain why.

So sweating is the bodies’ way of regulating its temperature. You  sweat when your body needs to cool off. The great news is, sweat  (yes, even your sweat) does not stink. The problem starts when  sweat comes in content with bacteria. Bacteria like to gather in  your pits. So when your sweat hits your pits, you’ve got some  odor issues.

 Sweat + bacteria = BO!

 Bacteria are the problem and commercial deodorants and  antiperspirants tackle this with chemicals and aluminum. The  aluminum clogs your pores and prevents sweat from hitting the air, thus keeping you “dry” and odor free.

Great, right? No. I’ll address the aluminum and paraben controversy in another post. The problem is your body still needs to sweat and will sweat to regulate your temperature. It just may be other places than your pits, which actually makes you sweat more. Also, the aluminum and chemicals stick around. They hang out in your pores and build up over time.

So when you make the decision to try natural deodorant, you’re body expels all of the built up residue and chemicals in your pits. The bad news, while this detox process is going on you are going to STINK and much faster than you would with commercial deodorant. In other words, you natural deodorant will not protect you for the entire day. Now for the good news, this detox process is pretty quick (2 – 5 days) and if you are proactive during this process you’ll smell fresh all day.

101 of Pit Detox:

Step 1: Order your trial size sampler either alone or with a full size bottle.

Step 2: Put on after your morning shower. Throw your trial size samplers in your purse, your car, wherever- just bring them with you on your days adventure!

Step 3: Reapply Clean Pits every 2 – 3 hours or as needed.

Step 4: Do this for the first 2 - 5 days of using Clean Pits.

Step 5: Return to applying deodorant once a day.

After these five steps you will have successfully made the natural deodorant transition. In our next post, I’ll talk about how your body will change after this process and you will actually sweat LESS!

Until then, if you sign up for our email list you can try that trial size sampler for free.

Clean Pits for Everyone!!!


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