Detox Your Pits

You have done your research on detox drinks and detox masks and have tried at least one form of returning your body to its natural balance. But what about your armpits? Your armpits are one of the central ways for your body to rid itself of toxins.  By eliminating those toxins,  you create a clean slate to begin using natural deodoran effectively.  A pit detox will rid your body of aluminum and parabens, thus allowing your body  to sweat in a more balanced, optimum way.

There are a few effective ways to detox your pits. The following is a gentle, easy and fast way to work a pit detox into your everyday routine.

Step 1: Dry Brush Those Pits. Brush your skin towards your heart to stimulate your lymph nodes.  This opens your pores, rids your pits of dry skin and stimulates circulation. Dry brushing initiates detoxing. Do this for a week before your shower.

Step 2: Alkaline Your Pits.  After showering, apply apple cider vinegar, lemon or witch hazel (if shaving pits, do this at the beginning of your shower).  These powerful ingredients will alkaline the body which will help neutralize bacteria and ultimately odors. Allow to dry and then apply Clean Pits Natural Deodorant Cream. Do this for a week as well.  

Step 3: Use Clean Pits Natural Deodorant. Apply your choice of natural deodorant of Clean Pits Deodorant. Our Lavender deodorant is a great choice as it will offer an antiseptic quality that will further detox your skin. Apply as needed throughout the day, tapering off applications until you just need one application per day. Typically, this lasts 3 -5 days.

Following these steps will help set your body up for a successful transition to Natural Deodorant.

For a more thorough, intense detox use a bentonite clay mask, originally used to rid problem skin of pollutants. Click here for more instruction on using a bentonite mask.

You’ve heard the saying “beauty is skin deep”, well that is very true in a sense. Start taking care of your skin one pit at a time for a beautifully healthy new you.

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