Detox Your Pits

January 26, 2016 kelsey Hunt

Everyday life can get messy and with the multitude of modern pollutants that mess can put a lot of stress on our minds and bodies. That stress can lead to not only to daily physical discomfort in the form of headaches, backaches, and digestive issues but can in the long run create very serious health risks. So what do you do to protect yourself from everyday wear and tear? You rid your body of harmful agents.

If you have begun the journey to a more health conscious lifestyle then you will be very familiar with the idea of a detox. You have done your research on detox drinks and detox masks and have tried at least one form of returning your body to its natural balance. But what about your armpits? Most people don’t consider that part of their body when they think of a detox. Your armpits are one of the central ways for your body to rid itself of toxins, if you’ve ever wondered why you can’t get rid of a specific unpleasant scent while sweating then it may be time to detox those pits. When there is a bacterial imbalance in your armpits, the scent of your body odor is much more potent than normal. Correcting that imbalance is a great way to begin switching to a natural based deodorant as it will create a clean slate for the product and will prevent any irritations that might otherwise occur from introducing a new pit regime.

There are a couple effective ways to detox your pits. The easiest and most accessible way takes a few tries but uses items you already have in your bathroom counter.

Step 1: Scrub those pits clean with a natural fiber loofah or exfoliating soap.

Step 2: While your pits are still wet, apply aluminum free baking soda to your armpits.

Step 3: Apply your choice of natural deodorant. Our Lavender deodorant is a great choice as it will offer an antiseptic quality that will further detox your skin.

Repeat this procedure when you notice that your body is beginning to develop a smell. You will likely need to repeat more often in the initial stages of the detox but that will subside quickly.

Another great way to detox your pits is by using a bentonite clay mask. This is a very thorough detox that was originally used to rid problem skin of pollutants. Click here for more instruction on using a bentonite mask.

You’ve heard the saying “beauty is skin deep”, well that is very true in a sense. Start taking care of your skin one pit at a time for a beautifully healthy new you.

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