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Clean Pits Explained

When we first launched our website, we were lucky enough to be featured on the local news.  I'm posting this video because it is a fun way to learn about our brand.  It also addresses the apprehension people have around natural deodorants and the effectiveness of it.   If you are trying to convince someone in your life to make the switch, send them this video.  It's a quick segment that can teach them a lot. About a month ago, I ran into Lauren at an event.  She told me that she is still using Clean Pits, she buys it at a local boutique here in Colorado Springs.  She has a new baby and said it worked great during her...

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Natural Deodorant... Does it work?

You know you should use natural deodorant but you are worried- does natural deodorant actually work? You’ve heard about the concerns of commercial deodorants being linked to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. But you’re a sweater and that natural stuff won’t work for you. And you maybe right, it may not work for you… at first. I’ll explain why. So sweating is the bodies’ way of regulating its temperature. You  sweat when your body needs to cool off. The great news is, sweat  (yes, even your sweat) does not stink. The problem starts when  sweat comes in content with bacteria. Bacteria like to gather in  your pits. So when your sweat hits your pits, you’ve got some  odor issues.  Sweat...

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Why I use Natural Deodorant

Why did I make the switch to natural deodorant? I smelled fine with my same old deodorant; it was effective, it was cheaper and it was more convenient. I started to become increasingly curious about ingredients in everyday products, so one day I took the time to look at the ingredients in my deodorant stick. I had been avoiding this; I didn’t want to be faced with making a change in the body odor arena. Well, the hype was true, this concoction I had been absorbing through my skin everyday since I was a teenager contained aluminum (among other chemicals). I had been absorbing this metal through my skin everyday and never thought twice about it. For some time, I have...

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